Nova Air C 7.8″ Colour E-Ink Tablet


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  • The Onyx BOOX Nova Air C is a 7.8 inch tablet with a color E Ink display, support for pen and touch input, 3GB of RAM, 32GB of storage, and an operating system based on Android 11, which means that in addition to using the device to read eBooks and jot notes, you can run third-party Android apps.

    Limited stock. Cases have not arrived yet, but regular Nova Air cases can be used for this as well
    Onyx BOOX Nova Air C
    Display 7.8 inches
    Color E Ink (4096 colors)
    1404 x 1872 pixels (B&W)
    468 x 624 pixels (color)
    Front light (adjustable color temperature
    Capacitive touch
    Digital Pen (4096s levels pressure sensitivity)
    Processor 8-cores @ 2 GHz
    Storage 32GB eMMC
    Battery 2,000 mAh
    Wireless WiFi (dual-band)
    Bluetooth 5.0
    Ports USB Type-C OTG
    Audio Speaker
    Software Android 11
    Dimensions 194 x 136.5 x 6.3mm
    Weight 245 grams