Screen Protector For Onyx Boox Max3 Black / White


Made of scratch-resistant, highly transparent PET material and laser-cut on state-of-the-art machines.
Can be easily attached, as well as removed without residue.

Thanks to a special silicone adhesive layer, the film automatically adapts itself and then remains firmly and securely in place and can still be removed without residue.
No slipping. Once attached, the adhesive-free screen protector does not move any more. Optimal edge adhesion guaranteed

Optimized for use on touch displays – unadulterated presentation of the screen content and no impairment of operability.

Some installation tips :
– It’s very important to install in a dust-free environment to avoid particles between your screen protector and screen.
– Thoroughly clean your screen.
– Use the dust-absorber to adsorb dusts in the screen. – Peel a small piece of the layer labeled “1” and adjust it carefully at the screen.
– in order to avoid air bubbles flatten the attached part of the protector slowly at the screen surface.

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