Onyx BOOX have been mostly involved in development of E-Ink tablets making the breakthrough of fully open android tablets with support for Google Play and third party apps.

The news of the Mira series shows a new venture BOOX is starting, namely E-Ink monitors. These are “dumb” devices without any cpu or memory of their own, they just connect to your existing pc or phone and display in E-ink.

Dasung, another company who has been producing these type of devices for some time, are now running a kickstarter campaign for the Paperlike 25.3. This is a 25″ E-ink screen which will be available somewhere in August for campaign supporters. Boox, seeing the large demand for these devices although the costs are incredibly high ($2550 USD for the Paperlike 253)- have decided to manufacture them as well.

So far these devices are only available in China with no estimated release date for outside of China